26 Best Bakeries/Cafes in Tel Aviv 2023

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An online curated guide for the returning visitor, local, and newcomer.
Cover photo by Noam Preisman. 

In this guide, you will find our favorite bakeries and cafes in Tel Aviv, 26 of them to be exact. 

All the hard work and research is done by Telavivian, so you can spend your precious time enjoying only the best of the best.

The digital guide is sized for your phone. Each recommendation is followed by details, address, and beautiful images.

Hints: The PDF is interactive so be sure to tap around.
- Click the name on the second page (The Index) to bring you directly to your desired bakery/cafe.
- Click the 'google maps' button for directions.
- Click 'instagram' to visit the bakery/cafe's instagram profile. 

The link, where you can download the digital guide, will be sent automatically to your email (make sure to put your email address) with your order confirmation. Refunds are not accepted.

This is our 2023 edition, with slight updates from 2022. If you purchased our guides last year, please e-mail us and we will send you a complementary updated copy! 

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